• Galaxy Note 20 release date, price, features and news

    Galaxy Note 20 release date, price, features and news
    Samsung's Note series are always among the hotly-anticipated phones for the second half of the year. Packed to the brim with hardware, featuring a new magical gizmo or two from Samsung's R&D labs, and holding one of the best styluses for a smartphone — the S Pen — right in their body.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20+ release date

    The world is... in a bit of a turmoil, and supply chains are unstable to say the best. Yet, according to reports, Samsung is preparing for a timely launch of the Galaxy Note 20 and even the Galaxy Fold 2. Timely meaning some time this August, as per every year.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 20 price

    Just like last year, we expect two variations of the phone — Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20+. Quite probably, both will have 5G connectivity, no matter whether you have the Snapdragon or Exynos variant.

    5G modems seem to be adding to the prices of our modern smartphones and it seems that the Note line might see a slight hike. Nothing concrete has come up yet, but we expect something to the tune of $1,099 for the Note 20 and $1,199 for the Note 20+.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 20 camera

    The Galaxy S and Galaxy Note cameras have been pretty great for some years now. But Samsung has essentially been using the same sensor since the Galaxy S7 age. Improvements to the whole camera module, like aperture size and lenses, as well as extreme software post-production algorithms have helped it keep up with the times. But since we are back in the megapixel wars with hybrid zoom being used as a new weapon, it seems it’s high time for Samsung to come up with something new.

    As we already saw, the Galaxy S20's camera is be an enormous leap forward. The S20 Ultra has up to 100x hybrid zoom, an enhanced Night Mode, and the insane 8K video. Since the Note series always has to one-up the Galaxy line, we expect to see the same feature pack in the next S Pen beast, even with some refinements on top. A ToF camera seems like a must now on both models, but we'll see if the non-plus variant skimps out on it.

    Of course, this means a massive camera bump on the back. Hey, it's the trend.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 20 design and display

    Any sort of notch or selfie camera cutout is just a temporary thing — we know that. Manufacturers are hard at work trying to hide that selfie samera somewhere and have a true all-screen front with a minimal bezel all around. Some are experimenting with various mechanical modules, which flip the rear camera or pop the selfie camera from within the phone’s body; others are simply adding a secondary display on the back of their phones, so you can use that when you need to face a camera and a screen at the same time (video calls or selfies, that is).

    Samsung doesn’t really appear interested in either of those when it comes to its top-tier phones. Yes, the company dabbled with a flip module on the Galaxy A80, which looks cool, but does add some bulk and take away from precious space within the phone.

    It’s very possible that Samsung might be hoping to produce a selfie camera that hides right under its AMOLED panel. When not in use — the camera is covered by glowing pixels. When it’s needed, the part of the screen that covers it turns off to “reveal” the hidden sensor.

    We’ve heard faint whispers of Samsung working on that over the past few months, and we do know that the technology is available since a couple of Chinese manufacturers have already demonstrated it on working prototype phones. And it seems that Samsung has itself — allegedly — leaked the new design.

    As far as design goes, we expect a natural evolution of the Galaxy Note 10 mixed with Galaxy S20 vibes. The Note line has been leaning towards a more stern, rectangular look as of late, and we fully expect the Note 20 to keep that trend going. It will also have a crazy camera module on the back — that's a given. Especially since latest rumors seem to reaffirm it.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 20 processor

    Another year, another chipset — of course, the 2020 Galaxy Notes will be powered by 2020 hardware. Units sold in the US will likely be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865. The chip will be built on a 7 nm process just like this year’s edition, but the production itself will employ something called Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) lithography — a technology that has been decades in the making. It will make the 7 nm production process much easier and cheaper and many speculate that this would make it possible for manufacturers to build more efficient chips.

    International versions might get a slightly upgraded Exynos — the Exynos 992. Slightly faster than the 990 in the Galaxy S20 series and even, reports say, 1-3% faster than the Snapdragon 865. Now, how's that for a happy international market?

    In any case, if Samsung insists on making 5G phones, then it will need to find a way to integrate 5G modems into chipsets. And, judging by the Galaxy S20, it seems the Note 20 in the US will be fully decked out for 5G as well.

    Last but not least — we should expect even faster multitasking, as reports say the next generation of chips will support LPDDR5X RAM and Samsung will be outfitting its Note 20 series with 12 GB modules as a starting point. Nice.

    Latest Galaxy Note 20 News

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